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Century Inspection currently provides the following types of inspection: welding (AWS QC-1), electrical, insulation and coatings, safety, mechanical and civil, and ASNT Level III services.

Century Inspection, including its management association with Consolidated X-Ray Services Corp. and its predecessors, has been in the business of providing quality NDT services since the 1950’s.

From our earliest roots in pipeline and pressure vessel inspection, to today, with our capabilities in Welding (AWS QC-1), Electrical, Insulation and Coatings, Safety, Mechanical and Civil, and ASNT Level III services, we have provided quality inspections at competitive prices. All inspection is performed in accordance with the customer’s specifications and code requirements.

We specialize in providing inspections, investigations and maintenance for:

940- 479-2177 info@centuryinspection.com
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